Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ohio Corgi Picnic

Saturday was the first time I made it to the annual Ohio Corgi Picnic and though I was unsure of what it would be like… it was a lot of fun.  The best part was realizing that my dogs aren’t nearly as poorly behaved as I feared they were.  Sasha was super excited, but eventually she was able to chill out enough and had just a few minor squabbles with other corgis.  It was a great turnout with about 50 people and probably about the same number of corgis!  There was a silent auction, potluck lunch, agility course, costume contest, hot dog eating contest, and a group photo which was an interesting challenge with so many people and dogs.  I loved just sitting there and watching all those cute shorties! Hope you like these photos that I took… and the one that a lady took of me with my girls.  Enjoy!

 Saphira and Sasha

Sasha tired

  Parade of corgis for photos

 Costumed corgis

Corgis watching the costume contest

Sasha Saphira and Jen

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Visiting Grandma and Her Collies

Over the past few weekends my corgis have had a lot of fun visiting family and other doggies.  Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Grandma’s House!  I piled the dogs in the back seat (with seatbelts!) and picked up my sister along the way.  Once we got to Grandma’s, Sasha and Saphira raced around the yard with Amy and Vicky.  It was perfect weather and we all enjoyed chilling out on the patio.  An even nicer surprise was that our youngest sister came too!  What a treat!

20120603UppstromDogVisit07 20120603UppstromDogVisit03


20120603UppstromDogVisit05 20120603UppstromDogVisit11



Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ohio Corgi Picnic!

Earlier this month I learned of the Ohio Corgi Picnic to be held in Marion, Ohio and quickly added it to my calendar!  

Here are the details if you are unaware and want to go!  Hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 10, 2012
11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Marion County Fairgrounds, Evers Arena Marion, Ohio 43302
Cost: $5 per Single or $10 per Family

• Silent Auction to benefit CorgiAid, Inc.
• Fun and games for the Corgi’s: hot dog eating contest, costume contest, and best trick contest
• Pot Luck meal – bring a dish to share
• All Corgi’s and Corgi mixes are invited with their owners
• All other breeds are considered honorary Corgi’s for the day

For more information, email

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Doggy Conveniences

Back in 2006 I decided that it was quite a hassle to put the leash on Saphira every time she needed/ wanted to go outside.  So, since I finally had a fenced yard and I'm a handy person... I decided to install a doggy door.  The challenge was that I needed a ramp for the door so that it would work.  Using my engineering experience I began to draw up plans for the doggy ramp.  Once I had built it I had my doubts that Saphira would even use it.  Silly me.  Put enough treats around and she'll do anything!  Here's the ramp I built and the doggy door.  I even put some artificial grass on it to make it easier to use.
At first Saphira thought it was a new place to hide under when she was outside.  Luckily, she eventually got the idea.  Before I knew it she was racing in and out and announcing to everyone just how great it was.  

 Here she is in March of 2008 enjoying the yard and the coming of Spring.  Saphira likes to carry this turquoise ball around while she's chasing the soccer ball.  Oh yes, she loves her soccer ball, but it's even better when she has something else to use too.

Nowadays she'll even pick up a stick and use that too.  Perhaps she thinks she's playing field hockey? 

Saphira loves the sunshine and will just sit out in the yard and bask in it.  Of course, sometimes she'll just sit there and bark at the wind, but for the most part she's usually pretty content just to be outside.      
I love this picture I took as I sat in the grass with her.  This was pre-Sasha days and we enjoyed the quiet of the yard often.  Little did I know how much more work a second corgi could be!  Though I love Sasha a ton I remember fondly the days of one dog and how much easier it was to go places!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Zoomies

At least once a day I am highly entertained by Sasha and her "zoomies".  The video below was taken last spring and as you can see, Sasha went racing around the yard for no particular reason.  I just had to share this video (pardon the shaking camera).

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cute Saphira

When I first got Saphira I quickly discovered that she could entertain herself quite easily. Stumbling upon her playing a video game was quite a shock since I had thought she was just sleeping.
The look on her face makes it quite obvious that she was caught off guard and was not happy that she was busted.
After the initial shock of being caught she decided it was time to reverse my perception that she was smart. So she sat in her food bowl and tried to figure out how to get out.
Knowing that she was almost found out she continued to work on looking like a "normal" dog. So she played with toys and barked at thin air. I was soon fooled and gave her lots of doggy treats just as she had planned. Her devious plan to control me was progressing nicely.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saphira's Rise to Power

This little lump, believe it or not, was Saphira when she was just a few days old.  She may have had a striking resemblance to a guinea pig, but she was already well on her way to becoming the empowered corgi that she is today.  She was one of just two girls in her litter and those two were in charge!  Their eight brothers did not stand a chance of being "top dogs".   And when Jenny and her boyfriend, decided that she was the pup for them... it played in perfectly to her scheme of being Alpha Dog of her new home. 

Soon Jenny was visiting the pups nearly every Sunday that she could.  It was fun to see all those little dogs run around the yard and try to trip each other up.  When Jenny's boyfriend suggested the name, Saphira, from their favorite new fantasy series, "Eragon", it was clear that her namesake was quite powerful.  Not every corgi gets named after a dragon.  You can see here that Saphira was rapidly growing into a darling little dog that would have her way all the time.  After all, who can resist that face?!  Jenny certainly did not stand a chance.

Saphira was a smart dog and knew the ways of the world from the beginning.  Seen here, she put her backside into showing the Ten Commandments who was boss with a potty break.  Jenny thought it was funny.  If only she had known at the time what a little stinker she was bringing home... perhaps her life would have been quite different.

Saphira clowned around with Jenny and hoped that once she got to go to her new house she'd be easily conned into giving many doggy treats. 

Faced with shoelaces Saphira enjoyed the challenge of untying them and then using them to control Jenny's departure.  This tactic though started at a young age continues to be in her arsenal of manipulation.  Finally, it was the day for Jenny to bring her to her new home.  Saphira wasn't sure what was to come, but she did know that she could steer things her way whenever needed.

Saphira was exhausted after the planning of her escape from her first home and so she slept quite a bit the first couple days.  Though she was locked in this tiny apartment she could easily make a small whining cry and convince her Jenny to let her out.  People are so easy to control.

Saphira quickly adapted to the new home even though there were strange creatures called cats that had long and waving tails.  The plethora of toys that she no longer had to share were a blast and the treats just kept coming.

Oh yes, Saphira had it good.